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1-500-8000 Motorvac Brake Tech

Complete brake system flush in 10 minutes
Pressue & vacumn assist ensuring quick operation
One person operation
Portable, operate on 12 volt DC power

Clearance price: $4,246

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1-13-085-10 Good All

Capacitor powered portable jump start cart
Includes 13' 4/0 cbales with power jaw clamps
interanl battery for stand alone re-charge of capcitor for remote applications

Clearance price: $7,150

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Portable 3D audit alignment system
Provides an audit alignment in under one minute

Clearance price: $16,500

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CoolantClean II MCF 5000
The Professional Coolant Flush Service

Complete coolant exchange in less than 15 minutes
Unique vacumn switch allows for cooling system depressurization
One multi-function switch operation
One top-off switch
Portable, operate on 12 volt DC power
Easy connection through rad hose
Sturdy compact design
Comprehensive adapter kit for most cars

Clearance price: $2,017

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CarbonClean Dual MCS245
Complete Fuel System Service and Diagnostic Center

Fully electronic-microprocessor controlled operation
System runs unattended
Portable - 12 Volt DC Power

Clearance price: $3,283

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CarbonClean Dual MCS352
Complete Fuel System Cleaning Center

Work on both gasoline and diesel
Two-line system for more effective cleaning
Portable - 12 Volt DC Power

Clearance price: $3,306

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JET JECH Series Heavy Duty Electric Hoist
Model JECH-1005

Rated Capacity: 1 T
Voltage: 575 V
Std Lift: 15 ft.
Lift Speed: 20 ft/min.
Headroom: 22-1/4 in.
Motor Power: 2 hp
Load Chain: 7.1 mm
Net Weight: 120 lbs.

Clearance price: $1,391

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HOP Vision 1
Model 82001

The Vision 1 Image Processing Headlamp Aimer provides factory-precise analysis to the automotive and heavy duty aftermarkets.  Precision laser centering, high technology photometric analysis and computer quick calculations are some of its features.

Clearance price: $2,485

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Tech Guard Starter Kit, Stages 1-4

Tech Guard is the most advanced chemical filtration system in coolant recycling. This patented, GM-approved process restores recycled coolant to near-original purity levels in a four step design. The Tech Guard process removes contaminants by lifting particulate matter into suspension for separation by Micron Filters, removes organic compounds using an active carbon filter, dissolves metals and solids into particles that are trapped in the filters and restores corrosive inhibitors to protect engine components.

Clearance pricing in effect:

56-040-1        Techguard #1                 $11 ea
56-042-1        Techguard #2                 $10 ea
56-044-1        Techguard #4 (4 litres)    $40 ea
56-045-1        Techguard #1 (4 litres)    $20 ea
56-046-1        Techguard #2 (4 litres)    $24 ea

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Karcher NT35/1 Wet/Dry Vacuum
Model 1.184-804.0-D

Time-proven for very demanding cleaning

Indispensable all-purpose vacuums for workshops and other areas in industry and commerce: They make short work of coarse, fine, dry and we dirt and also pick up liquids. Especially effective on fine particles such as drywall dust.

Demonstrator model with extremely low hours of use.

Clearance price: $346

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Karcher BR Vario Floor Machine 
Model 1.139-108.0-D

Demonstrator model with extremely low hours of use.

Clearance price: $1,197

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3023A Fluid Service Technologies
Cooling Flusher

The reverse flow design allows service with the engine turned off, while reducing the service time considerably. The evacuation pump will drain down the radiator and overflow reservoir, prior to removing the top radiator hose.

Clearance price: $2,700

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Additional Items

Contact Customer Service for details and clearance pricing on:

  • Motor-Vac Brake-Tech at $3,900.00
  • Good-All Jump Start at $6,500.00
  • Jet 575V electric chain hoist at $1,159.00
  • OTC #7545 strut wrench set at $30.00
  • OTC #1205 slide-hammer/sleeve-puller at $490.00
  • OTC #3587 terminal test kit at $285.00
  • OTC #3757 ABS reader kit at $489.00
  • OTC #6650 magnetic induction unit at $1,899.00
  • OTC #3825 Pegisys kit at $3,685.00
  • RBN #34990 automatic charge scale at $355.00
  • Citation #C300 parts cleaner at $580.00
  • Graco #205-626 Fire-Ball 10:1 oil pump at $2,079.00
  • Motor-Vac Brake Vac II at $1,540.00
  • Motor-Vac Carbon Clean at $2,735.00
  • Motor-Vac Coolant Clean at $1,685.00
  • Motor-Vac Oil Clean at $1,895.00
  • PSC #S210EA stationary pressure washer at $1,615.00
  • Vision I headlight-aimer at $2,485.00
  • 2013 JBC Pro32 alignment-spec update at $390.00
  • 2009 JBC-DOS alignment-spec update at $320.00
  • FST #3023A cooling flusher at $2,700.00
  • Blackhawk 4-ton hand pump at $50.00
  • SPX B65600I CCD DOS 2004 SPECS
  • JBC 88947034 2004 SPECS (9909)
  • National Electric NE-23T50 cord reel
  • National Electric NE-40001 light
  • National Electric NE-40007 light
  • P & F PF8 a/c machine
  • OTC 3757 ABC Reader
  • OTC 3587 Terminal test kit
  • OTC 7545 strut wrench set

Products may not be available and may not be exactly as shown. All items listed and quantities subject to change at any time. Specifications are provided for information purposes only and may not be to standards for particular unit. Inlett Equipment does not warranty or provide refund on used and clearance inventory.