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“We purchased the John Beam Visualiner 3-D alignment machine because it had no wires or cables to the wheel sensors, and because of the capabilities to test for set back and frame trueness. After 8 years of use and very few issues it has proven time and again just how consistently accurate and reliable it is. We are extremely satisfied with this machine and would highly recommend it. On the one occasion that we had a warranty issue we were taken care of in a very timely manner and we were very happy with the excellent customer service.”

Garry Gerbrandt
Dynamic Auto Services Ltd.
967 St. Mary’s Rd.  Winnipeg, Mb.

What a machine!  So easy to use, from quick setup, to readings only a few minutes away.  Whether you want to get quick readings, or require more info for diagnostics, you are only a few clicks of the mouse away. The built-in features that range from cradle adjustment to the ability to make adjustments while jacked with the “wheel removed”.  We have been using the Visualiner for over 5 years and it has not let us down.

James Erickson
Erickson Motors, Winnipeg

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