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Information Technology Planning
and Management

CIO/CTA services

Many small and medium enterprise (SME) organizations cannot afford to employ a full time Chief Information Officer/Chief Technical Architect resource. Comparable to the manner in which such firms would retain services from a lawyer or external accountant, Inlett can provide such services from our senior resources who are experienced with all areas of leading edge technologies and who regularly consult on technology issues to some of Canada's largest corporations, as well as to numerous SME's who depend on making effective use of enabling technologies to maintain their competitive edge. These resources also are internal consultants to the Inlett group of companies, and are continually called on to "practice what they preach" in order to ensure that our own technologies support our own business successes. Some of the support areas we provide services to include:

  • Advice on new and emerging technologies
  • IT resource recruiting and evaluation
  • Strategic technology planning and execution
  • Business practice review and related enabling technologies
  • Technology solution evaluation, selection, procurement and implementation
  • System integration
  • Change management

Internet / eBusiness Strategy

As organizations look to tapping into the potential of web-based business ventures, our experienced team can provide both planning and implementation support for appropriately (to your business needs) phased in eBusiness capabilities for your business. Whether this be in the form of a basic introduction of a web presence for your business, through to the implementation of full online procurement and/or sales of products and services, we can provide the necessary guidance to help understand and set reasonable expectations and subsequently coordinate a successful rollout of your business to the virtual marketplace of the internet.

Our services include:

  • Business process re-engineering/adapting
  • Business driver analyses
  • Technology planning
  • Security planning
  • EMarketing
  • Search engine / performance planning/tuning
  • Web page development and application hosting

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